Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since we value quality as well as safety, our team of experts analyze every single olive oil brought to our fully equipped internal Laboratory Analysis. Thus, our products meet the highest standards in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean markets. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from selected premium olive groves, which are properly harvested, extracted, stored and bottled.

At Italian Fine Foods LLC we count with an advanced and complete production process that follows strict quality controls in order to become your trustworthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils supplier of choice. Among the many reasons why you should choose our Premium Extra Virgin Oils products are:

Why our extra virgin olive oils are healthier than others:

Polyphenol antioxidants

Polyphenol antioxidants are tremendously important for a healthy heart. Extra virgin olive oil is a great source of these polyphenols, but not all extra virgin olive oils are the same. At Italian Fine Foods LLC we only sell extra virgin olive oils with high contect of polyphenols and we are able to provide our customers with a Polyphenol analysis (a charge apply)


When exposed to oxygen over time, like all foods, olive oil gradually oxidizes, losing its flavor and nutritional value. Oxidation is quantified by a peroxide value. All our oils are stored in stainless steel tanks filled with nytrogen in order to avoid the contact between oxygen and oil. We are able to provide Peroxide analysis of our oils (a charge apply)


Free fatty acidity is a direct measure of the quality of the olive oil, reflecting the care taken when selecting premium olives, harvesting and storing the fruit as well as extracting, bottling and properly storing the finished product. Extra virgin olive oils, by definition, must have less than 0.8%. None of our oils is even close to the maximum acidity of 0.8%. All our olive oils have acidity between 0.01% and maximum 0.3%. We are able to provide Acidity test of our oils (a charge apply)