"Opera" - Individual Desserts



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Sponge cake base with hazelnut and cocoa mousse, covered with Chocolate Ganache.

  • Shelf life 12 months from production date
  • Store all products at -0 Fahrenheit
  • Thaw and Serve
  • Pack size 12 units
  • Weight 3.5 Oz

A delightfully crunchy cookie base topped by velvety smooth banana mousse cream and rich toffee topping lend elegant appeal to the Opera Individual Desserts. This selection offers palate-pleasing flavor that your guests are sure to enjoy and it can be stored frozen for up to 12 months, so you're sure to have the perfect treat on hand for your next dinner event.

Moralberti Italian Desserts are an Artisanal product that is a fundamental identity that distinguishes us from the other pastry companies in the market. Our skilled pastry chefs, and the choice of using the best quality ingredients helps us maintain faithful to the original recipes. This allows us to offer a dessert that maintains the quality and characteristics of homemade cakes. We use an Artisanal process with a homemade taste.

Our Products are made with:

  • Premium Ingredients
  • True to Original Recipes
  • NO hydrogenated fats
  • NO palm oil
  • NO Butter-cream
  • NO alcohol (ideal for consumption to all consumers)

This production philosophy has committed us to be responsible in the ingredients selection in order to achieve a premium and a Homemade quality in our products. Our secret to success is that we produce our creams with eggs and milk (not with butter creams), we use fresh fruits (not canned fruit).

*Special Order, Please Call for Information    ** Shelf Life is from the Date of Manufacture


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