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Country of Origin: Spain

Format / Size: 250 ml (8.45 fl.oz.)

iO D-Limonene is an extra virgin olive oil elaborated with Arbequina variety and naturally enriched with D-Limonene. 

It helps concentration, reduces physical and psychological fatigue, improving moods. It helps to improve digestion and relieve heartburn because of the hydrochloric acid that helps to better disperse foods. D-Limonene is the best purifying solution.

D-Limonene is a natural substance from citrics . The characteristic smell in lemons and oranges is provided by D-Limonene. It belongs to terpenes group. It contributes to prevention of anemia thanks to vitamin C.

As a result of a distillation in low temperature of the lemon juice and a decantation of that, we obtain d-limonene.

D-Limonene gives a soft aroma of freshly squeezed juice. Characteristic fresh lemon smell.

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