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Il Borgo del Balsamico

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Borgo celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special Satin Food Condiment Collection. The beautiful Old Rose pattern on the glass bottle of this limited edition Collection is the perfect container for our Satin Condiment. Silky soft in texture, aromatic and pleasantly bitter-sweet to the palate, Borgo Satin Condiment is the ideal accompaniment to soft and seasoned cheeses, cream-flavored ice cream or fois gras. Aged in oak barrels.

Condimento del Borgo Satin is produced in the province of Reggio Emilia from cooked grapes must and aged wine vinegar. Mellowed for several years in small oak casks, Condimento del Borgo Satin is appropriately named. Its premium organoleptic proper ties lend it a satin-smooth appearance and velvety taste. Its rounded nose, almost creamy consistency and well-balanced sour-sweet taste make Condimento del Borgo Satin a further refinement of Red Label Borgo del Balsamico Condiment.

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