Fusilli with Spinach

Di Augusto

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Our range of pasta is characterized by slight softness and porosity, thanks to the slight drying process and the bronze wire-drawing. Thus, all our products can absorb every kind of sauce.

Thanks to our special packaging, the whole range of products can be stored at room temperature for long periods.

The introduction of several ways of cooking Pasta Di Augusto, which includes the conventional pot cooking, the pan cooking as well as the microwave cooking, stands for our commitment to innovation.

In a few minutes you can cook Pasta Di Augusto and enjoy its unique taste.

Our Fusilli with Spinach elevates your cooking with unique, palate-pleasing flavor.

Its porous design is crafted for maximum absorption of sauces, so it's packed full of savory flavor when it reaches your dining table.

This selection is preservative-free, so you know you're choosing the best for your dinner guests.

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