Calamansi Caviar

Di Augusto

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Brand: Di Augusto

Format/Size: glass jar. Net Wt 5.82 oz.(165g)


Kalamansi is as sweet as lemon, as acidic as lime, as bitter as pink grapefruit and on top it still tastes like passionfruit. It also named "4-in-1 Citrus"! 

Calamansi ( Kalamansi) is a small hybrid citrus plant which bears fragrant white flowers followed by small round fruit, native to the Philippines.

Our taste-bud tickling Calamansi Caviar is a flavorful explosion of fruity delights in one party-ready dish.

A mixture of mandarin and orange flavors topped by a tart and tangy pink grapefruit-like bitterness gives the palate a playful kick with this selection.




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