Rock Samphire in Olive Oil


Rock Samphire is a spontaneous grass which borns and grows between the rocks in front of the sea.
In the Conero Rivera area this grass called paccasassi which literally means to break the rocks is a very traditional, typical food and pride of Conero area.

Sea fennels have a very particular taste and they are a great combination with fresh bread, bologna, anchovies. Futhermore, they give a special touch in salad and fish.

Rock Samphire in extra vergin olive oil. Its typical and characteristic flavour tastes of lemon, carrot and fennel.

Ingredients: extra vergin olive oil, rock samphire* 38%, wine vinegar, salt, sugar.

*Sea Fennel (Crithmum maritimum)

Suggested parings: Sea Fennel in olive oil is extremely versatile and is ideal for imaginative appetizers or served as a garnish with top quality meat and fish dishes. Our suggestion for gourmets… when you have eaten the Rock Samphire leaves, take advantage of the wonderful taste of the remaining extra virgin olive oil as a flavour some dressing for your salads and starters.

Weight: Retailers 200 gr - Food Services 930 gr

Nutritional value for 100gr: Energy 1250 KJ / 303 KCal – Fat 29,7 g of which satures 4,7 g – Carbohydrate 8,6 g of which sugars 1,2 g – Proteins 0,2 g – Salt 0,4 g



The first recipe we want to share with you is a very old and a typical dish in Conero area, this is toasted bread with bologna and sea fennel.

You can try sea fennel even on the pizza or on a typical crescia marchigiana.

If you like anchovies try crunchy bread with anchovies and rock samphire: in this you will enjoy the sapidity of sea taste.

One more recipe you can try is sea fennel with sausages.

If you want to try a nice dish put rock samphire on pasta with fish or mussels.

Never tasted Conero rock samphire pesto? Don’t miss it!

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